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Green Island Restoration

Got big ideas for home improvements, but don’t have a big budget to match? Turn to Green Island Restoration for all your home repair and building needs.

As Bermuda’s newest construction firm, Green Island Restoration provides a wide range of building and maintenance services. Whatever your needs—from new block construction, to painting, to simply hanging pictures—Rudolph and his associates provide the know how and experience to get the job done on time, on budget… and with a highly personal touch.

Rudolph Morris
Rudolph is a Top Grade Mason who has spent more than a decade in the construction field in Bermuda, and in that time, he’s developed a deep appreciation for the Island’s unique architecture.

Prior to becoming a tradesman, Rudolph spent several years as an award-winning employee in the hospitality industry where he learned the fundamentals of customer service excellence. Rudolph is also co-owner of Orange Bay Company, Bermuda’s most unique home furnishings and accessories store that specializes in creating beautiful rooms on a budget.

Under Rudolph’s direction, wherever practical, Green Island Restoration uses traditional Bermudian techniques to match and maintain the special character of the spaces we’re working on.

From plan to finished product, Rudolph and his crew keep an eye on the design, the clock and the budget to ensure you’re receiving top grade work for less than top dollar.

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